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  • Customers like
    • Willingness to resolve quickly 2
    • Products received in the past 2
    • To get what i pay for in a timely matter 1
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    • Never shipped my full order and never responded to my calls 11
    • Shipping fulfillment 10
    • Customer service 9
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He is a fraud I worked for his bussiness for years and everything he does is fake. Just as the products are as well. They are not 100% real herbs. He never has product made for customers to ship. He can't even pay his employees/on time He's a compulsive liar. He plays the role of being a spiritual person when in reality he's a joke. He really only cares about himself and he's just taking people's money with his lies. I hope the best for you... Read more

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I made an order of $283 and my account was charged twice that amount! I have emailed, messaged, SMS, and have called a listed phone of DMHerbs at (323) 354-6478 with no contact or reply!! Also, I have not gotten an order response stating when my products should/would be shipped and/or delivered as well! It's been 2 weeks and I don't have the products that I was overcharged for as well! I have even looked for a physical address to mail them but... Read more

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They are a rip off they have never shipped my products and kept my money this is a scam i am putting it on fb i havr over 60000 friends on fb

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I too purchased several hundred dollars of herbal products from Dhealthstore half off sale. I purchased these items in April 2016 during a half off sale. Today is July 17, 2016 which mean I not only have not received the order but out of all my calls and emails Dhealthstore has not responded. The one time I actually spoke to Dhealthstore one month had past. I was informed by a rep from Dhealthstore to go to Facebook to hear Djehuty from Djehuty... Read more

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that simple! Avoid doing business here you are sure to be disappointed. You may even be lucky enough to be degraded and insulted after handing your $ over and having a voice about an issue. Need a refund? Pray to God that your hard earned $ is returned. Lost my support 100%... The owner does not care anyway he will just go on his rants about you on his social platforms.. The company's profit margin has to be profitable enough that DM can hire... Read more

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Ordered $100 in product and never recieved it!! Upsetting because i love product, but dont trust any more..

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Took a long time to ship products, and never got a professional person on the phone.

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For the most part the customer service is really bad. I had several bad experiences with them. And none of my complaints were resolved. Calling the company for a resolution will not work either. When they do answer the phone the girls are so overwhelmed and they just can't provide help. I have always received my orders that I placed. They haven't arrived at the same time but they do arrive. Although some of the herbs were not as good. It... Read more

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I received the product I ordered.. Well packaged & it works

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His products made me sick, you can NOT reach to anyone via email or phone/customer service- DO NOT purchase from this man. I am a Black sister who fell for the supporting pro-Black business trap. He had "sale." I'm sure, in addition to false advertising and his products not being close to what is stated, they are probably expired. I will be getting more information on how to report this man. This is ridiculous what he is allowed to operate and... Read more

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