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Dhealthstore.com has the worst service ever!!!!!!

I've been waiting for my products for over an month, and once i receive it, it was the wrong product. I'm DONE. I"ve spoken to the owner Djehuty and he has the attitude I've ever come cross!!!!!!! They are the worst company I've ever on the internet. Also i've watched his youtube and i really feel like he has lost his mind he crazy and full of himself. Save your money and don't shop there!!!!!!!!

There are tons of other herbal companies that won't treat you poorly.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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San Francisco, California, United States #793114

Very very terrible customer service I have spent over 1000 dollars I dhealthstore products and I was missing a item from a order and no one answered the phones for days! They never answer their phone they need to get new phones or new workers!


Well, I ordered the full body detox on Thursday 1/13/14,and I received it on the following Tuesday,now the holiday was Monday,Presidents' Day,so I'm very satisfied with my delivery time frame,I live in St. Louis mo.

Los Angeles, California, United States #783176

This company truly cares about it's customers so go here for future herbal products and talk with people who left dhealthstore because of the owners. http://kmdherbs.com


I wish I had read these review first before I when and order my items which was on 12/6/2013 and I haven't receive it as yet I keep calling and all I keep getting is the answering machine,I left messages and know one has call me back as yet. I am very surprise because I had order before in the passed and got my order within 2 weeks which to me was long especially it being within the United State of America. I hope to receive my order soon or else I will contact my credit card company and get my money back it's so sad trying to stay true to yur own people.


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL thanks for the laugh

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #690828

@ African American Female....I was very glad that you addressed the previous comment that compared complaining with African Americans.People of all races complain not just African Americans so he needs to get a grip on reality.

Why do we always have to go there.

Anyway, everyone is not always going to be pleased so you just have to decide for yourself.But I do know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #690476

Dehuty is the Bomb Diggity!!He is inspiring, uplifting, knowledgeable, and cares about people.

If he didn't, he wouldn't spend hours upon hours trying to educate the collective UNCONSCIOUS! I love him and appreciate his wife, his family, and his friends sharing him with the world!! I live on the gulf coast and regret that he does not have a store in this area.

So you didn't get a product?

So what!! Just advise customer service!!! Gee Whiz!!!Quit bashing and hating!!

While u busy doing that, Dehuty is Blowin Up!!Lol!!

to ReeRee Flagstaff, Arizona, United States #899373

It's all good until your paper/ products aren't right.

New York City, New York, United States #642398

I didn't get my product right away either.When I left a message someone did get back to me and they gave me a discount on my next purchase.

I don't care Djehuty's attitude sometimes either. I emailed him a question about one of the cleanses. I didn't hear back for 5 days, then I sent another email. He claimed to have answered my email already but he didn't.

He did snarky with me and I just gave it back to him - nicely though.The products do work, and he gives you a lot of information.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #629739

I have bought from dhealthstore and there were times when I didn't get all of what I ordered, but I ultimately got them. Djehuty doesn't come off funky to me and I know we want what we order, but things do happen and we got to deal right to get it right.

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