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I too purchased several hundred dollars of herbal products from Dhealthstore half off sale. I purchased these items in April 2016 during a half off sale. Today is July 17, 2016 which mean I not only have not received the order but out of all my calls and emails Dhealthstore has not responded. The one time I actually spoke to Dhealthstore one month had past. I was informed by a rep from Dhealthstore to go to Facebook to hear Djehuty from Djehuty why it takes so long to receive his products.

There is no excuse from this negligence of almost twelve week "no products"and so I am going to have to call my bank and file a complaint to get my funds back from Dhealthstore. Your bank will go after Dhealthstore for this negligence and return the money to your account.

Another thing that happen is that the three phone numbers and emails that was given to me by Dhealthstore because I have been ordering herbs for a long time now. The last time I tried to email them all three emails returned to my inbox as undeliverable. The last time I tried to call out of the five numbers I had for them that worked in the past no longer work.

BEAWARE of Sheep in WOOL clothing.

Unsatisfied Consumer

This reviewer shared experience about "unprofessional. waiting three months for products. order #100114615 & #100114616" and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $286. This person is overall dissatisfied with Dhealthstore. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I know someone who spoke to djehuty. He said djehuty doesnt understand why black people dont support him when he sacrificed his time to bring them knowledge. The person I know told him because he wasnt truthful from the beginning but vengeful and hurt and is still hurt.

to MB #1455760

Very hurt and staying with family in his old childhood home. Where are the hoteps that were buying his dhealthstore brand?

Why aren’t their no reviews on his current brand of herbal supplements? What happened to the lectures he use to speak? I remember his hoteps and conscious women would be at these lectures. Twitter doesn’t pay for tweets.

And he’s not on youtube dropping videos like he use too! #broke #hoteps #2018


Who is Aria? You sound crazy and daranged.

Tell us how you got blocked from paypal? You have several complaints on their platform.

This just shows that you stalk your former employees. Shame

Los Angeles, California, United States #1195911

He sits and complains on blog talk radio about his customers. This man isn't seeing how messed up his business practices are.

I hate a guy who tries to give advice but won't take advice.

Its like that person finds no fault in what he does. Thank God I stopped buying from him.

to Anonymous #1353138

This guy is STILL in business and has a lot of loyal supporters. Website is active.

He can ship faster now because he raised his prices and slowed his sales down. he's getting smarter.

to STRS #1368764

You're a liar. He makes no money now!

He buys his herbs from china for cheap and repackages from other herbal brands. That is not smart. The chick he was with kicked him out of her apartment now he stays with fam in willowbrook in a crappy house where he operates his failed business. He owes money to a lot of employees that worked hard for him that he hasn't paid yet.

This guy is screwed in the head. He sits at home all day using wifi he doesn't pay for to argue on twitter. He has no job and his ex girlfriend Andrea is tired of him not working. Jabir Akbar aka Djehuty Maatra aka Ernest Cooper Jr is a lazy blk dude who only looks to scam folks.

He gets that from the nigerian side of him. What real man would be comfortable sitting on the internet all day long and not contributing to his children's wellbeing financially and physically? A dead beat! I went passed one of his old stores which is now a massage parlor.

This guy is a failure. AD warned everybody that he wasn't gonna be anything and he was right!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1191575

Dherbs (which djehuty was fired from 5 years ago) is tired of his customers being routed over to them for his failure to services his customers. All of Dherbs customer service agents have to call customers back to let them know that they need to contact djehuty maat ra herbs not dherbs. Don't do business with a sloppy and messy person like djehuty.

to Anonymous #1353140

AD messed up by trying to get all of Djehuty's angry customers and telling them Djehuty still worked there. Djehuty and AD are both greedy for money.

to STRS #1358005

Ernest you're a liar! You don't even have your own place! Go get a job!

to Timothy Warrent #1378555

Only a dummy tells an entrepreneur to get a job not realizing entrepreneurs work for themselves. Jobs are for slaves, people too lazy, dumb, and dependent to do for self.

Only want a paycheck paying them 50-60% of what they earned while government takes the rest through taxes. lol. Worker-Zobots talk like this.

Get a job! No dummy, make your own job.

to Timothy Warrent #1388483

He was ballin’ in 2003 but was represented by a city attorney and tried to make a case centered around civil rights when he just didn’t pay child support.

to Anonymous #1378181

Fired? I saw a settlement agreement where Djehuty gave permission to Dherbs to use his products and information for one year after he bounced to create his new business without the Dolphin brothers.

You sure about that? lol.

to STRS #1387826

The only thing Dherbs credits you for is a few articles you wrote years ago. No royalties for any sales on their products because you never formulated anything at Dherbs just like you didn’t at Dhealthstore and for your scam aka herbal e business djehutymaatraherbs.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1189797

I have ALWAYS received what I've ordered and I get emails from him too. Only called once and received pretty good customer service.

Still doing business with him. He's a respectable businessman who keeps in touch via email when things get hectic.

I ordered the half off too and received my order the other day and he told everybody up front that it would take 30 days this time. I'm okay with the brother.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1189918

Thank you Djehuty for your beautiful review. You are a scam artist. Stop scamming your own kind.

to Anonymous #1378183

Aria you need to quit before Djehuty actually comes on here and blow you out the water exposing you. lol.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1199761

What you don't know is that those vitamins are fake. He's using only one formula to make products which is calendula.

All FBD capsules are one formula so if you see he capsules the same color that's what it is. I worked for this dude for years and recently left his company cause of how much he's a compulsive liar, fraud, fake ***, inc. I wouldn't order anything from him anymore.

Trust me. You're hearing this from a person who knows what's really going on.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1201656

Yes, I noticed this. If you take he powder out of the capsules, it a sand color.

This particular herb comes from Egypt. And i also noticed how soft feeling his capsules are. He doesn't feel them up. The only products he uses of his own are his swishing oils, he doesn't use anything else.

This dude scammed so many people.

Karma is here and it ain't letting him go. I hope he goes homeless.

to Anonymous #1378558

Aria, you need to quit. You come off pathetic in an attempt to make people doubt the world's greatest herbs.

An herb from Egypt? Dummy, you'd have to see the batch records to know where a herb any company uses comes from. Herbs have various colors and locale can impact the color of herbs due to the soil grown in. Capsules not filled up?

lol. You need to quit. Stop hating because the herbalist doesn't use fillers, bulking agents, and binders like dherbs. And why would an herbalist not consume his or her's own herbs?

A straight moron you are. lol. Scammed so many people, and we're supposed to believe this coming from 'anonymous'? GTFOH!

The penniless such as yourself know absolutely nothing about karma. Karma, karma, karma and all we see is this man Djehuty the Herbalist ballin' on you fools. Go bag some groceries. And hoping someone goes homeless, Aria we know you're just a paycheck away from being homeless.

Mad because Djehuty didn't, wouldn't loan your broke *** some money. Go to college and acquire a skill so you can stop bagging groceries. Ain't no money in bagging groceries.

Go back to rigging online gambling casinos you and that cigarette-smoking, degenerate brother of yours. Losers!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1207523

Thank you !!!!! I recently saw someone say their extracts was watery, an caps less effective.

Ill be checking for full caps too. Fake can never replace the real deal.

I refuse to be defrauded by any company. Hes goin down lol

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