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I recently placed an order with Dheathstore on-line, I was skeptical of the website so purchased my order via a personal check. Placed the order on 12/9/15, check was cashed on 12/18/15 it is now Jan 2016 and I do not have the product I ordered or any responses of when it will be shipped?

I've emailed customer service with, no response. I've tried to contact the 800 #, no response. Now my account login I created when placing the order is no longer available??? Is this website a total scam?

I'm so glad I didn't give my CC information, please be aware!

Totally unacceptable...does anyone know what I need to do to file a complaint and get my money back?

dk2016 wrote the review because of "paid for a product that i never received!" at Dhealthstore. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $23 and wants Dhealthstore to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was shipping fulfillment, customer service and never shipped my full order and never responded to my calls. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Dhealthstore dhealthstore online order for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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I just noticed my account has been suspended and I haven't ordered in over six months. I don't trust this site any longer.


Yes we all have to get together and file a complaint with the with the CA AG office


When you buy from them during the sales it's always like that. You should have gotten an email from the company about everything being backed up...

and with an apology.

I got one. from them


Sounds like a scam this man is running. contact call one of these numbers and try to see where you can make a complaint to get his business investigated. 50,000 customers he's claiming but I don't know not one area in my town that knows him and i live in the burbs.


dont support!


Contact them at


He is transitioning his business into djehuty herbs with the money he stole from his customers or his fans because he thinks he is a celebrity. i guess he wanted the name change because of all thr drama he got himself into and to make his ex business partners jealous which they arent because dude isn't making no money.

Djehuty word of mouth advertising is when u first open your business because you can't afford advertising in the beginning. you have sold your dherbs knockoffs since 2011.

when can we hear your ad on a radio show outside of blogtalk? FAILURE!


I heard he is closing his business down. I know he will blame black people for his failed business thats how he is. He needs psycho-therapy .

to Anonymous #1092430

he's blaming dherbs for making false google ads to drive there bad reviews to his business wilhich i don't believe. and if thats so why isn't he suing them if he has proof?

djehuty is a baby who needs to grow up. his bad attitude and choice of ignorant language is what brought down his company. ad is the stronger business man! always professional and looks ten times better than djehuty's dog looking face.

even stevie wonder (who is a taurus) has bad things to say about djehuty and his ego! he claims its a insecurity he's trying to mask. djehuty is an *** with ideas of a child. he's not a licesned herbalist at all.

the full body detox/cleanse was created with a actual herabalist when he was an employee at dherbs. djehuty lives in a delusional world. his parents were ignorant and he is his mother and fathers child. just face it djehuty ad won when the judge granted him your company and products!

face it!

stop covering it up it up with the ego face! LOSER!


On the site it has at the top where you can log-in as an old user or something like that. What 800 number are you calling? I am a customer as well trying to get my order refunded.

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