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I feel so disappointed in this business. We are encouraged to support our African American businesses, and it so disheartening when the business shows a less than appreciative attitude toward the customer, ie: inferior product, or ratchet customer service.

I would list Dhealthstore under the ratchet customer service label. Have tried for approximately 3 weeks to get product use instruction, since it not given on the product or the web site. To date, I have yet to get the instructions. Yet the web site says customer service will respond within 24 hrs.

Djehuty, you can have the best products in the world, but if your customer service sucks, how long do you think your customers are going to stay around? Especially, those who have supported your endeavors for years, if not months.

The fact that I am a recent customer of your product line, I feel discouraged from doing further business with your company! Your customer service would have to improve at least 95% for me to even consider dealing with your products again, just because of your current customer service!

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