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Djehuty has always had bad service even when we all worked at Dherbs because Djehuty hires people who are not like him or have his knowledge base and then puts them on the phone which is ***. Djehuty wack hires anybody who tells him they want to be a herbalist and this is where the poor service comes from.

Now that he works almost by himself he's flourishing obviously. No bad reviews from anywhere including here. People should also know that he is no longer with Dhealthstore the business he had with his ex wife. He said he closed the stores in Glendale and on Crenshaw because his customers kept worshipping him when they would see him at his own stores working and that by having stores he kept needing employees and he said his employees were too *** and were getting paid to cause problems for him to clean up.

He talked about his employees like a dog. he said he tried to give poor people a chance and they weren't like him and were only looking for a hand out.

He called them all frauds. lol.

I liked: Uniqueness of the products and their potency.

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For the people still seeking out refunds or trying to take the owner of this business to court, the address to where he operates is 13313 Towne Ave Los Angeles, CA 90061 this is Willowbrook. The North Louise Ave in Glendale he moved out of in 2007. This is his up to date address.

to Anonymous #1378123

Anonymous, better known as Adham Gordon, who attended Watts Locke high school with Djehuty and graduated alongside him in 1986 or 1987, you should really learn to keep things 100 and stop misleading people out of your extreme hatred that is based on jealousy to the tenth degree because your former best friend cut you off due to being a negative fat pig. lol.

Djehuty still resides in Glendale and wouldn't dare return to his stomping ground childhood neighborhood just as like you wouldn't and instead moved to Victorville, California. Stop lying on another man and become a man yourself.

to Anonymous #1378152

You need to quit. If anybody was looking for Djehuty for anything, they could find that man online by just Googling his name and his business and business contact info will pop up.

Ain't nobody trying to sue this man especially when they want his products. lol. You losers need to quit. lol.

Thinking ya'll can post crazy stuff at pissed consumer and people will just believe everything and run with it. lol. You losers are delusional. lol.

Djehuty and his new wife cleaned up the Dhealthstore mess his ex-wife Andrea caused trying to put Djehuty out of business. It backfired on that skank and now she mad as *** going crazy trying to take this man down. Andrea was taking money but wasn't issuing refunds. Wasn't shipping orders out.

Preventing orders from being shipped out. That *** only wanted money. Forest said she was a ***.

Djehuty kicked her scandalous behind to the curb. lol.

to STRS #1389298

Classic hoetep response. You dropped out of high school.

You need to give back the $4,000 you stole from your customers and get offline and go back to school because you lack knowledge and common sense. And also receive some therapy for your build up estrogen anger you have.

to STRS #1390249

Djehuty to sit here and blame your ex common law wife for not issuing orders and just taking money is very ignorant and incriminating. You basically admitted that the both of you scammed because the both of you owned and operated dhealthstore. Your ex common law wife Andrea Jones has not said anything publically about you that I’ve seen but you can’t keep her name from your mouth.


For the people who are investigating Djehuty Ma'at Ra's friends like Umar Johnson, Tommy, et al, those same people that are investigating him as well for fraud like the others.

to Anthony #1378132

Investigate Djehuty for what? Cutting off sycophants, groupies, degenerates, failures, and losers?

Word is out that many people are greatly mad at Djehuty because he shook them like a bad habit and started excelling working *** near all by himself. Many people were getting a free ride and Djehuty rightly stopped that *** which I always felt he should have done so a long time ago. Djehuty said he now only kicks it with the likes of Tommy Sotormayor, Tariq Nashid, Polite, Dr. Umar Johnson, Boyce watkins and people of that ilk because they all got their own thing and their own money and don't need a ride like all those losers that used to ride Djehuty's coat tail like Deon Wells (Salahdeen or Salah Tude), his ex-wife Andrea Jones, Aria Morsh, Ahman Dolphin, Corey Hall, Rhona B., Crystal G., Adam MC.

I noticed Djehuty does phone consultations on his website and there is also a business phone number on that site as well so if anybody wanted to locate and talk to this man they could. Losers like you lie and use wording like 'being investigated' to make naive and ignorant people think this man is in trouble or that he has wronged people which everyone knows is not the case. It must be a miserable thing to have to lie because there is no truth to support what you would like to be true about somebody you envy so much you can't see straight. At least Djehuty is very transparent and ever since I've known him he has been.

That's why I still *** with him.

He's 100 and keeps *** 100. Get a life and stop riding another man's jock.

to STRS #1390335

It will be a matter of time when you djehuty or jabir akbar will start abusing the conscious community because they no longer buy your high in lead products from china. You are the type of man who will do anything for money. You are a slave to money.


***Warning to Tariq Nasheed!!!*** -Do not trust Djehuty Ma'at Ra. He talks behind your back to Tommy Sotomayor.

Calling you all kinds of n words behind your back but was laughing at behind the coon behind tommy's back. He is two faced. Do not do anymore favors for him.

That dude is riding your coat tail. Him and Tommy are planning something behind your back.

to Kenny P #1378147

Tariq just like Djehuty don't have time for the loser and loser comments here. Tariq and Djehuty go way back and Tariq gets his herbs from Djehuty.

Salahdeen (Deon Wells) is mad he will no longer make movies for Djehuty and knows Tariq and Djehuty are about to make a health documentary and Sal won't be along for the ride. He's jealous of Djehuty's relationship with successful social media luminaries like tariq, Tommy, Umar, Polite, Sa Neter, Boyce watkins, etc. Ya'll go out and support Tariq's new film "1804" out now and support Djehuty's 2 films "urban Kryptonite" and "FBD the Movie." Tariq and Djehuty get things done. Tangible results.

Not bitch talk on social media that doesn't bring in any money, but like Djehuty said, dummies will spend hours on social media gossiping about other people not making a single a dime gossiping and then get mad that they're broke. Everybody talking *** got a job but can't create a job.

Real losers. lol.

to STRS #1389306

But you never paid anyone that worked for you Djehuty. And if you did it was only a few paychecks.

The whole movie thing you invested in and lost your investment at the same time. And folks thats why he coulsnt pay no body there dinero. He half does everything and when a mistake is made he blames other people. He paid these people on youtube to make up fake reviews on his products for money.

he couldnt choose between entertainment and selling herbs. And being in constant drama online.

to STRS #1389629

Tariq Nasheed thinks you’re lame with no talent Djehuty because you don’t eat meat. You really think all the time you spend talking to him on social media like a groupie instead of giving out refunds makes you friends?

Do you really think he would go places with you when you eat no meat? He thinks you’re a f***boi in reality. Eating no animal products at all to him is classic moist behavior. Youre in that category.

The main focus here is to give everyone their money you owe back. Btw I don’t see him helping you out with movies when your last 2 films failed.

to STRS #1390253

The only loser is you darkness. Thats why you sit at your families house smelling them cooking animal flesh and putting snot in their cereal at almost 50 years old.

Still creating uncalled for drama on the internet because your life is miserable and lonely.

You have no place to stay, no car, and no money and no logical way out of your situation but to grab a venerable young female who has her stuff together to take advantage of her just like the other hoteps. Pay me the money you owe me for my help!


Djehuty has been on this website posting nonsense. Please ignore.

He is in need of therapy and a job! He has no money. He will be locked up very soon for non payment of child support. Any spiritualist speaking to him needs to back away because he cannot be trusted by anyone.

He is a fraud and a twitter addict just like the blacks he claims are always on twitter. If he would like to prove us wrong, please upload documents on this website showing child support payments as well as a 6 month break off of twitter.

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